Courageous Roll-On


Courageous blend was created to help you stay connected to your heart and what matters most. Being courageous means being Aware of your fears, anxiety and worries – Accept your tendency to deny or judge your emotions and despite the fear take Action, while remaining connected to what your heart is drawing you towards.

Clary Sage- the oil of Clarity, clears feelings of confusion, darkness, hopelessness and calms the thoughts. Enhances our intuition and helps us make spiritual discernment.

Ginger- the oil of Accountability,increases determination and inspires initiative and action to carry plans through their fruition. It is a stimulating and warming essential oil, physically and spiritually.

Wild Orange- the oil of  Spontaneity and Fun, reminds us that we can’t be in total control of our life, and we need to allow divine assistance, fun, spontaneity and creativity to be in the flow of  life.

Coriander- the oil of Integrity, it’s clarifying nature helps you think clearly and hear the whispers of your intuition. It is assisting you in connecting deeper with your authenticity and true self.

Sandalwood- the oil of Spiritual Clarity,promotes intuition, understanding and creative energy, and helps you  reconnect to higher consciousness. 

Cedarwood- the oil of Community, assists us in feeling safe when we create bonds of love and friendship. When used we are brought into the sacred remembrance of who we are beyond the veils of separation.

Additional information


▸ Calming after shock
▸ Supports social connection and collaboration
▸ Increases spiritual clarity, spontaneity and creativity
▸ Uplifting to the mind and body
▸ Increases confidence and inspiration

How To Use

▸ The use of essential oils is most frequently achieved by inhaling them (inhalation) or by applying them topically (topical application).

▸ The potency and potential risks of essential oils require that you use them with care. The blends and this information is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.

▸ Do not take essential oils internally.

▸ Essential oils have the potential to aggravate sensitive skin.To do a patch test for allergies before use, place 1-2 drops under your wrist or elbow and leave it overnight without washing off. If any redness develops in this area after 24 hours then you may want to avoid using these oil extracts or check with your doctor.




Sweet Almond Oil, Clary Sage, Ginger, Wild Orange, Coriander,
Sandalwood, Cedarwood


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