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Inner Child Oil was created to help you get in touch with your fun creative self. As children, we act out our experiences, thoughts, feelings, and dreams through our play. Our creativity becomes the basis of how we prepare for the real world. For adults who want to keep learning and growing joyfully, to thrive in a fast-changing world, it might be time to reconnect with your inner child.

Frankincense-the oil of Truth, shields the body and soul from negative influences and assists the soul in evolution.This powerful oil invites individuals to let go of lower vibrations, lies, negativity, and deceptions and create new perspectives based on light and truth.

Myrrh-the oil of Union, is thought to unite Heaven and Earth by awakening your awareness of the higher self. It also helps you stay present and not worry about the future.

Petitgrain- the oil of Chain Breaking empowers you to break old chains, patterns, behaviors and energetic ties from past generations. Also encourages you to make peace and create a lighter path for those who follow.

Juniper Berry- the oil of Purging,  helps clearing layers upon layers of  worry and fear . It helps restore our determination to overcome life’s obstacles, and replaces disconnection and isolation with movement and openness. 

Geranium- the oil of Self-Love and Openness, softens anger and feelings of grief, disappointment, abandonment and rejection. Helps you connect with your heart chakra to reach deeper levels of self-love, self-compassion and self-healing.

Helichrysum- the oil of Rebirth, teaches you to see the gifts in your trials to the point of gratitude.This oil restores confidence in life and in the Self, giving you the strength to “make it.”

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▸ Reconnecting to passions, dreams, and talents you may have put aside
▸ Increased self-esteem, self-compassion, and compassion for others
▸ Align energy centers and encourage healing
▸ Clears your senses

How To Use

▸ The use of essential oils is most frequently achieved by inhaling them (inhalation) or by applying them topically (topical application).

▸ The potency and potential risks of essential oils require that you use them with care. The blends and this information is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.

▸ Do not take essential oils internally.

▸ Essential oils have the potential to aggravate sensitive skin.To do a patch test for allergies before use, place 1-2 drops under your wrist or elbow and leave it overnight without washing off. If any redness develops in this area after 24 hours then you may want to avoid using these oil extracts or check with your doctor.




Sweet Almond Oil, Petitgrain, Myrrh,Juniper Berry, Geranium, Helichrysum and Frankincense Essential Oils

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  1. Janine

    This oil is life changing, I’ve been using it faithfully for 6 months and what a difference! And it smells lovely!

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