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My mission is to support you and hold the space for your growth, grief, healing, learning, and transformation.


Raluca Sacalean is a mother, wife, nature lover, plant hoarder, massage therapist, clairsentient, yoga teacher, energy healer, and the list could go on. She is a lifetime student, bringing and sharing a vast and diverse knowledge to those in need of transformation and to deeply connect with themselves. Having an intimate relationship with self and an understanding of your physical sensations is critical, as they guide you through the experiences and nuances of your life.
Raluca is intrigued by how our physical body is a manifestation of how the emotional body and mind have engaged with and stored life experiences. A keen observer, a soul reader, and a compassionate listener, Raluca can easily detect and connect the very hidden aspects of yourself, which can take you on a journey of discovery.
Through her attune touch, clairsentient abilities, body language techniques and specialized training, Raluca creates a unique way of freedom in her bodywork, evoking, activating and connecting people to their own souls.

By playing out stories from our subconscious and assuming roles we believe we should adopt in order to be loved, accepted, and successful, unintentionally places us in a state of disconnection with ourselves.

Raluca’s mission is to empower you to discover and heal these disconnections, so that you may experience ease, joy and freedom. Healing happens when your heart, your body and your soul are finally one. The moments when you are truly present, allow you to experience and see the beauty in life. You will then begin to vibrate with the understanding of the true possibilities and endless miracles of living.

Find your balance, energy & happiness the natural way.

Raluca’s Education

Raluca’s extensive journey into the healing arts began at the Babes-Bolyai University, studying Kinesiology. Continuing along the same path of study, Raluca called Chicago, Illinois home for 10 years.

As a method of earning additional income while attending to her studies, Raluca decided in 2001 massage therapy would be a suitable choice. Little did she know, the natural gift she then found would be the course she would ultimately pursue in her primary career path.

With certification in Prenatal, Thai, and Shiatsu Massage, as well as Postural Assessment, Neuromeningeal Manipulation, Raluca is well prepared to take care of your body. To dig deeper into the science of the body’s architecture, in 2018 she got her Yoga teacher certification. She began teaching workshops designed to empower you to gain more insight about what is happening in your own body and give you tools to restore balance to live comfortably and free. Her workshops intertwine the science behind Thoms W. Mayers “Anatomy Trains” fascial matrix with yoga postures, breathing techniques and Subconscious Imprinting. In addition, Raluca is highly intuitive, a well-versed student in the realms of Mind and Spirit. Her broadened skill set includes, but is not limited to Myofascial Release Yoga, Subconscious Imprinting Therapy and current training in Healing Developmental Disruption with Bodynamic Institute and Visceral Manipulation with Barral Institute. In 2016, Raluca attended the University of Alberta, as her degree in Kinesiology earned abroad was not directly transferable for work in Canada. This was a challenging and insightful opportunity, as it taught her that she does not need a degree to understand she has great value to offer this world. A true healer, whose essence is immediately felt, you can rely on Raluca to provide upstanding service, a kind heart and mindful hands.



Raluca is a spiritual healer. Her ability to just know what is going on blows me away. She was able to uncover an emotional root that I wasn’t even aware of, nor would I have been able to figure out on my own. Once we started talking about what she uncovered it began to make more sense, and acknowledging these hidden feelings really let me release what I was holding on to and suffering from. She really does have a 6th sense and is an amazing healer. I would recommend her to anyone who is searching for someone who can really help and guide you.


Meeting Raluca and going to the House of Healing was a gift from above. Literally. The massage techniques are incredible and you can tell it’s also an energy massage. I also practiced subconscious imprinting with her and it completely changed my life vison. I was able to forgive and make peace with parts of the childhood trauma thanks to Raluca’s gift. She was also able to help me tap into energetic fields and to make changes in may daily mentality without any effort. Maybe it sounds crazy but sometimes I wonder is she’s a fairy Godmother because everything she touches it changes to better.


Raluca is an incredible healer and RMT. She has been an integral part of my healing journey over the last year. She is incredibly knowledgeable and uses many healing modalities in her sessions. She offers so much care and compassion to her clients. I have never felt more supported by a practitioner before. Anyone would be lucky to be her client.


The House of Healing is a foundation where among stillness, we move mountains. You choose what doorway you open inside the house, and the healer is your guide as you enter these doorways that serve as gateway toward deep healing. Raluca’s timeless presence serves as that gateway for your personal journey to heal, release and relax.

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