Soothing Collection Gift Set



The Soothing Collection Body Oils was thoughtfully crafted to meet all your needs, promoting inner strength and balance.

  • Easy Rider- It aims to alleviate discomfort associated with aching muscles and joints, tension headaches, swollen and fatigue legs, and may even support restful sleep, ease indigestion and reduce sluggishness. Provides a rejuvenating boost after a lengthy flight or road trip.
  • Happy Lungs- It aims to alleviate discomfort associated with coughs, sinus congestion, asthma, bronchitis and any other symptoms of cold and flu. This oil empowers you to manage your comfort with its potent aromatic vapours.
  • Adrenal Reset- It aims to support the health of your hormonal system, and promote feelings of balance and well-being. It is an excellent choice if feeling overworked or overstressed.
  • Carry On- It aims to enhance your travel experience by alleviating travel anxiety, nausea, and tension headaches. It offers an uplifting and light touch.
  • Lavender Luster Lip Oil- Soothe and nourish your lips with a blend of Jojoba oils, spearmint and lavender essential oils.
  • Order 3 and receive a 10 ml roll on of your choice($32value)
  • Aini Gift Box


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