Lunar Living Collection Gift Box



The Lunar Living Collection Gift Box was designed to connect you with the Moon’s Energy and help you harmonize your emotional fluctuations while bringing you closer to the divine nature of time and flow.

In order to facilitate a deeper exploration of Moon’s energies, I am partnering with my localĀ  astrologist friend Sheetal Story. Sheetal created an insightful calendar for 2024 which will complement each Gift Box.

  • New Moon Mist– Use when the moon and the sweet darkness of the night sky invites us to go into a more reflective state. Go inward, sit and reflect on what no longer serves you. Create space for intention setting
  • Intention Setting Mist– Use with Waxing Crescent Moon. Created to help you nourish the seed of your intentions. Take action for the set intention, create and manifest your dreams and desires.
  • Full Moon Mist– Use when the Full Moon is rising. Now we are being called to step into its light, awareness of love and celebration. Full Moon represents the peak of energy: fruition and celebration, as well as illuminating our shadows. See it all!
  • 2024 MOON Insightful Card
  • Aini Canvas Bag
  • Aini Gift Box


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